What is Designer Resale?

Designer Resale or Luxury Resale vs. Designer Consignment

What is designer resale?

Designer resale or Luxury Resale is when someone has a designer brand item and they want to get cash for it right away. They will take it to a store that buys merchandise outright. This puts money in their pocket right away. That store is then going to mark up the price of that item sometimes 2x or 3x what they just did the buy out right for and they are going to “RE-SELL” the item. That is where the term “Resale” comes from. The downside for the seller of the item in this transaction is that they likely did not get nearly as much money as they would have if they had CONSIGNED the item with a reputable high end Consignment store like The Runway’s EDGE. If you are buying designer merchandise it doesn’t really matter to you whether the item is a RESALE item or a CONSIGNMENT item. In both scenarios you get a great designer item for significantly less than retail. However, for the person trying to sell their items consignment will get you more money every time, but you have to have some patience.