How to consign

Thank you for your interest in The Runway’s EDGE.  There is never a fee to consign with us.  We are honored to enter into this partnership with you and want it to be a profitable and positive experience for all involved.  


We are a high end, designer consignment shop.  Therefore, we have criteria for the type of items we accept.  

Selling your women’s designer clothing, bags, jewelry and accessories with us is an easy 3 Step Process.

1. Choose What to Consign

We are interested in the following types of items

  • Clean/Dry Cleaned, In Style, In Excellent Condition and Preferably on Hangers
  • Designer Labels and Boutique Items. (Brands we take.) (Brands/Items we DO NOT take)
  • Women’s clothing, handbags, shoes, jewelry, belts, hats and accessories

Girl in closet












First time consignors with The Runway’s EDGE are limited to only bring in 20 items of clothing, unlimited shoes, bags and jewelry and must make an appointment to bring in their items.

2. Schedule an Appointment

appointment photo

All you have to do is call our store to make an appointment.  When you come in for your appointment a member of our team will go over our consignment contract with you and answer any questions you may have about the process.  During that appointment we will look through your items while you check out the store and we will tell you which items we can accept to sell in our store.  Within a few days of your appointment, the items we agreed to consign for you will be priced and entered into our secure networked computer system.  You can stop in any time after that to pick up an itemized list of what was entered into the system.   The consignment period is 90 days from the day your items are entered into The Runway’s EDGE system.

If you have already consigned with us, you may bring items into the store without an appointment.  We will go through them while you shop and let you know what items we will accept for consignment.  

 3. Check back with us over the course of the 90 day consignment period90 day photo

You may come into the store any time during the consignment period and use any money you’ve earned as store credit for an extra 10% bonus or collect a check at any time.  If at the end of the 90 day consignment period any of your items have not sold you can call us to put them aside for you.  We will gather everything together for you to come to the store to pick it up within 2 business days of your call.

Consignment Period

The consignment period is 90 days from the date items are entered into The Runway’s EDGE system.


Pricing & Consignment Split

The Runway’s EDGE determines the sale price, and reserves the right to refuse any item.consignment split

The consignor will receive 50% of the sale price. The price of each item may be reduced over the course of the consignment period.  All items are subject to special sales and promotions.



Our seasonal calendar  for when we accept seasonal itemsseasons

Spring:           February 15 – April 15

Summer:         April 16 – July 15

Fall:             August 15 – October 15

Winter:          October 1 –January 31